Goals and values


Our Goal

“To be the undisputable leader on the Bulgarian market of mattresses, soft upholstered furniture, polyurethane foam and thermo wadding by providing the highest quality and timely service at the best prices” –is not just a statement by us, this is an integral part of the business philosophy of PARALLEL Ltd.  The team of proven professionals and experts is fully motivated to develop the various spheres of the activity of the Company.

If you are interested to learn more about our projects, you can contact us to discuss the opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. We, PARALLEL Ltd., will be happy to have not only business relations but to develop long-term cooperation by developing new and interesting designs. 


Our values

We, PARALLEL Ltd., every day and every action are guided by our shared vision and values that are the solid foundations and cohesion of our Company and a key to success.

Our corporative culture and clear commitments are guided by the following principles:

  •   to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners by providing them with the best products and services at competitive prices and within the agreed deadlines;
  •   to strive for the highest results – we strive to be the best and to work at a global level;   
  •   to work professionally, responsibly and accurately while fulfilling our commitments to our customers and partners;
  •   to provide our employees the conditions where they can reach their full potential.